Painting Competition Freedom FNF South Asia 2018

The Regional Office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is pleased to announce the winners of the Painting Competition 2018 - #PaintingFreedom.

We thank all those who joined this effort to depict diverse perceptions of - and on – freedom. We congratulate the contributors of the prize winning entries. These are, in alphabetical order:

Abnash Samundha


Arjun Prabhakar

Mamta Khandelwal

Mashiat Lamisa Kangkhita

Navira Azmat


Remal Arif

Shashank Kumar Sinha

Shubhankar Chowdhury

Suminder Kaur

Sumit Prajapati

Winners will receive a cash prize of INR 10000 for their awarded entry. The image of the honored paintings will feature in the Regional Office’s annual calendar for 2019 which we will launch in New Delhi on December 18th 2018. On that date, we will exhibit and publish the winning paintings. As every year, we will distribute the calendar widely in the region and beyond.