Visiting Program on Digital Transformation – ICT-centric Innovation

May 4-11, 2019

Vibrant ICT centric innovation ecosystems, responsible for the creation and diffusion of digital technologies transforming the world, are the dreams of countries, cities and communities worldwide. Policy makers are actively looking for ways to establish the conditions necessary where ideas, entrepreneurs, and resources come together to unlock unique opportunities for their citizens and country.

Yet, creating the next Silicon Valley has been elusive and difficult. Following the traditional Science, Technology & Innovation (STI) recommendation of investment in inputs such as R&D, infrastructure, education does not guarantee the right results. Many cities worldwide with the traditional building blocks comparable to Silicon Valley have failed to become hot beds for ICT centric innovation.

Policy is essential to enabling innovation ecosystems. As with traditional industrial policy, the work of the government is needed to support innovation. Although government does not generally create marketable innovation directly, it plays a critical role in creating an environment that fosters the work of other stakeholders like entrepreneurs, support groups, private sector, finance and academia.

The one-week program to Germany would aim to introduce a range of stakeholders from South Asia to the critical elements of what makes a strong innovation ecosystem and foster exchange across borders.

Main Objective

Participants are familiar with good practices employed by the German State and Federal governments and in the European Union to promote ICT innovation in the country with a focus on practices promoted by the liberal political party. They know and reflect on the positions of FDP.

Other Objectives

  • Participants have interacted with politicians, entrepreneurs, accelerators, academic institutions, support networks and stakeholders from venture capital, angel investors and banking groups.
  • Participants gain an understanding of the multi-stakeholder nature of catalysing innovation ecosystems and the role that various groups play.
  • Participants understand the role that the EU and other multi-lateral institutions play in the regional integration of innovation systems

Number of participants – 7 persons

Participation Fee – EUR 260 (payable in Germany)

Interested persons should send their CV, and motivation letter to no later than April 6, 2019.