ToT for e-Commerce Trainers

A two days hands-on learning experience for practitioners
ToT for eCommerce trainers
FNF South Asia


  1. Trainees understand and are in the position to apply the basic principles of communication and moderation techniques.
  2. Trainees know the basic technological requirements of setting up and operating an e-commerce platform.
  3. Trainees learn how to plan, prepare and implement a structured workshop program (including objectives, content, methods, resources and logistics).
  4. Trainees are familiar with the popular marketing tools and related strategies of successful e-commerce businesses (including Facebook, SEO, E-mail marketing and various other free resources).
  5. Trainees develop a detailed and step-by-step action plan for their own e-business and present this.
  6. Trainees are familiar with the regulatory issues pertaining to setting up an online business.


Digitally literate individuals with a basic understanding of e-commerce who are determined to learn and engage as trainers in e-commerce workshops sponsored by the Foundation. Fluency in English is a prerequisite.

Draft Program:

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Arrival of participants

20:00               Welcome Dinner


Thursday, November 17, 2016

9:00                 Welcome, expectations and objectives

9:30                 Input: The basic principles of communications and moderation techniques

10:00               Working Groups: The Do’s and Don’ts of moderating a training session

10:30               Presentations and discussion

11:00               Break

11:30               Input: Setting up your digital market-place: A step-by-step walkthrough

13:00               Lunch

14:00               Input: Planning, Preparing and implementing a structured training program

14:30               Working Groups: Designing a module on how to set up a digital market place

15:30               Presentation and discussion

16:00               Break

16:30               Input: Regulatory guidelines for E-commerce and what they mean for us

17:30               Time for one-on-one sessions with the moderators

19:00               End of working day                 


Friday, November 18, 2016

9:00                 Recap of Day One

9:15                 Input: Popular marketing tools used by successful e-commerce businesses

11:30               Break

12:00               Training moderation skills (role plays)

(Opening a session and welcome, moderating a discussion, introducing a key-note speaker, summarizing the workshop results)

13:00               Lunch

14:00               Open Space

15:00              Working Groups: Developing a step-by-step action plan to set up an e-business – and      prepare a presentation

16:30               Presentation and discussion

17:30               Assessment of trainees

18:00               Next steps and evaluation

19:00               End of workshop

20:00               Farewell Dinner

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Departure of participants (staying in the hotel)

This training is conducted in cooperation with the Digital Empowerment Foundation.

Interested to join? Write to us at before November 07, 2016 with a motivation letter and information regarding your experience in e-Commerce.