Thank you for taking the TIME to read this post.

We’re aware that, luckily, you have the FREEDOM of choice not do so. So you came this far. May we assume you’re interested in FREEDOM?

OK! This website and the people behind it are liberal. For us, FREEDOM for every individual is the best way to address the many challenges our societies are facing. Would you follow this line? Do you also believe FREEDOM is a great idea?

If so, we could call ourselves political or ideological allies. Thank you! We’re an organization that has been created to promote the freedom of the individual – ideally: every individual. We do this with our partners mainly through educative and awareness programs. For us, campaigns play an important role. We try to get the word out as much as we can through social media and other channels.

“It’s always TIME for FREEDOM!” is the title of a new campaign. It would be great if you help us spread the word and the message behind it!

Please think about the sentence for a moment: “It’s always TIME for FREEDOM!”. Doesn’t that make absolute sense?

We hope you agree we all deserve to be free – not only now or later, but all of the time. For many, if not most it’s a dream. The world we live in is far away from the liberal paradise where all people have FREEDOM all the TIME. Look around and you’ll note these are particularly challenging times for FREEDOM – almost everywhere.

“It’s always TIME for FREEDOM!” is also a reminder and incentive for us as an organization and as a network: To carry on, as there is so much more to be done. Next time you look at your watch or clock, be reminded:

“It’s always TIME for FREEDOM!”