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Production of 3-5 short 2D character animation videos for EU and FNF funded ‘Democratic Local Governance for Development in Pakistan’ (DLG Pakistan) Project
  1. Background

The Constitution of Pakistan makes it mandatory for the Federal and Provincial authorities to devolve political administrative and financial responsibility to the local governments. The purpose of devolution is to empower the people at the grass roots level. However, in Pakistan often the system of local government is not optimally functional. The tenure of local government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was completed in August, 2019. In Sindh, Local Government representatives successfully completed their tenure on 30 August 2020.In Baluchistan the term local government institutions expired on January 27, 2019.In all these provinces local government governments are due to be held.

There is a need to create awareness among citizens on the importance of local government problems with existing laws based on the experience from last tenures, existing LG laws, delay in elections, etc. This awareness campaign can be spread through videos that are easy to understand for masses.  Through videos, we will highlight the importance of local government and will show how the citizens can hold accountability under this system. Although several activities were implemented and planned under the EU project to strengthen local government but it seems necessary that a short video be made to give a crisp message to citizens and promote the success stories to strengthen local government system achieved through the EU project.

The video will give information about

  • Frame work of Local government as provided in the Constitution of Pakistan  
  • Current status of local government in provinces especially KP, Balochistan and Sindh) and the functioning of LGs in urban areas and rural areas;
  • How are members of local bodies elected?
  • How is the budget for local government formulated?
  • Role of district administration in formulating budgets
  • Jurisdiction/ powers of local government
  • Opportunities for citizens’ engagement
  • Mechanisms for right to information and transparency
  • Role of women, members of minority groups and socially excluded groups like transgender persons and persons with disabilities
  1. About DLG

European Union and Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is co-funding a four year project titled “Democratic Local Governance for Development in Pakistan” (DLG Pakistan). The duration of the project is 48 months starting from January 2017.The main objective of the project is “Improving the life of the citizens of selected districts by strengthening democratic local governance”.

This project is implemented by Center for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI). The geographical scope of this project is 15 districts in Pakistan (five each in Sindh, Baluchistan and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa).In each district, CPDI has engaged one local Civil Society Organization which is working on ground with the following target groups:

  • Local Citizens
  • Media
  • Government Functionaries
  • Elected Local Representatives

The objectives of this project are being met by systematically developing a culture of open discussions based on data -both provided by the Government in the form of District Budgets and collected through short surveys called Citizen Report Cards for each district. At the same time a regular schedule of meetings amongst citizens and with the Local Authorities also ensures that issues in the areas of education, water, sanitation and health are solved in a timely manner.  Citizens and Media are regularly given trainings on Right To Information (RTI) and how districts budget are made. These selected citizens and media personals are further invited to attend the pre-budget consultations with Appointed Government Functionaries and Elected local representatives once a year.

The back bone of this project are citizens meetings every two months among themselves to prepare list of priority issues based on district budget understanding. Then meeting the local authorities every three month to follow up on issues they highlighted previously as well as share new identified priority issues.

Questions that will be addressed in these series of animations:

  • What is local government?
  • What is the present situation of local government province-wise.
  • Problems and challenges faced by local government system
    • division of power
    • Jurisdiction of local government (powers of local government councils etc.)
  • Measures taken by the local government representatives and civil society to address the socio-economic problems of marginalized people

(Details about European Union, Friedrich Naumann Foundation and CPDI are in Appendix A in Downloads)

  1. Objective of the Consultancy

The overall objective of this consultancy is to produce campaign material that includes series of short 3-5 character 2D animation videos with 3-5 characters with full stories, and static background; up to a maximum duration of 5 minutes that can be used in various communications platforms.

  1. Methodology

Consultant selected for this assignment will perform the following tasks:

  • In consultation with FNF develop the script and animation series concept with clear stories and call to action.
  • Present a work plan for the assigned work.
  • Develop Style frame and story boards
  • Work on the production at location and post production in Islamabad in close coordination with FNF team for quick editorial feedback
  1. Deliverables

The consultant will deliver a series of three to five short 2D Character animation videos of 5 minutes with proper branding of EU and FNF in MP4 format in 1080p (HD) resolution.

  • Detailed animation video series concept note with Proposed 3-4 Character back stories
  • Agreed upon Work plan
  • Script Development
  • Style Frames and Story Boards
  • Voice over/ Narration, translation and subtitles in English
  • Full usage rights for music (or for music for which copyright has been granted)
  1. Timing and Location

The consultancy will conclude by 20 Dec 2020 commencing from the date of signing of the contract. This will include pre-production, production and post production time.

Timing: As per agreed work plan Annex C

  1. Logistical Support

FNF along with CPDI will provide local assistance in arranging zoom or phone meetings with project stakeholders.

All other travel and accommodation arrangement will have to be managed and expenses borne by the consultant.

  1. Eligibility/Qualification of Consultants

The consultant should have:

  • Proven 2D character animation skills
  • Previous experience in producing international quality documentaries animations
  • Ability to adhere to deadlines and flexibility
  • Availability to start immediately, upon signature of contractLocal language skills in (Pashto, Sindhi and Balochi) will be an advantage.
  1. Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

All copyrights of the resulting products will reside with FNF and European Union. The consultant will not use, reproduce or otherwise disseminate or authorize others to use, reproduce or disseminate such work or material.

  1. Price and Payment Schedule

The total budget of the consultancy is 5000/- EUR.

Payments will be made in two instalments:

Initial Payment:           40% of the total fee will be paid on submission and approval of concept note and work plan.

Final Payment:            60% of the total fee will be paid on submission and approval of animation videos.

  1. Proposal Submission

Interested organizations/firms can send their expression of interest along with technical proposal through email at muhammad.anwar@fnst.org by 8 November 2020s.


Appendix A
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