FNF’s association with Sri Lanka is over four and half decades old. During the period 1968 to 2013, the Foundation’s work focused primarily on the core values of freedom and responsibility. The Foundation’s contribution to Sri Lanka’s political, socio-economic development over the years is well accepted, recognized and appreciated by legislators, opinion leaders, academics, and civil society actors.

FNF recommenced its work in Sri Lanka in 2016 after a lapse of three years and presently focuses on enhancing civil and political rights as well as economic freedom. In addition moving along with the essential technological developments, FNF also focuses on strengthening individual freedom and economic development through digital transformation.

Working with recognized and respected partners from the legislature, academia and civil society, FNF will contribute to:

  • enhancing the rule of law and economic freedom
  • training candidates, young politicians and future leaders
  • social market economy and
  • digitalization for a knowledge based society