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The Liberal Video Bootcamp 2.0 in Colombo
The Liberal Video Bootcamp 2.0 in Colombo

“Make it Social!”, this in a nutshell was Sumaiya Omar’s key message. The Co-Founder of Hashtag Our Stories, once again, played a central role at the “Liberal Video Bootcamp”, the second edition of this hands-on media training after the successful hosting of the workshop in 2017.

Video content has become an integral part of every communication strategy across brands. Communicating via video is booming. Experts claim that by 2020, 80% of all content that we consume will be videos!

To train social media activists to use the new technology strategically and professionally, the Regional Office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) organized this advanced workshop. The aim was to empower the 24 participants to produce short, high-quality videos using only their smartphone and publish these on the most popular (and suitable) platforms. Unlike the first edition of the Bootcamp, Bootcamp 2.0 welcomed participants from other project offices of FNF outside South Asia. We ended up with a truly global group with motivated bootcampers hailing from Belgium, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Morocco, Myanmar and South Africa.

The participants had all hands full as they produced content for the most popular formats: Live videos, native social media videos and the ever more popular Stories, that have become a hit particularly on Instagram.

Regional Director Dr. Ronald Meinardus and Sumaiya Omar emphasized the importance of strategy in all social media publications. The participants also learned that basic journalistic rules apply also in social media even though the formats are so very different from traditional publications. Concept development, script-writing and story-boarding took up much space – first in theory and then during multiple hands-on exercises.

Arif Shad, Filmmaker at Black Box Sounds Pakistan, was once again on board to lead the technical aspects of video making using the smartphone. From mobile video editing apps to various gadgets and accessories, the group got first-hand, cutting edge insights from a pro.  All teachings were focused on the participants and ended with multiple assignments of do-it-yourself exercises.

Co-moderator and organizer Vineeti Singh, Communications Officer FNF, had warned the bootcamp would not only be loads of fun, but also tons of work. And so it was! The bootcampers worked day in and day out, some even skipping or using the lunch breaks foregoing the mouth-watering Sri Lankan food served at the conference venue.

“I learned something really new”, said Harshit Singh Bhatia, Chair for Digital Activism at Students for Liberty South Asia, who added that working with the Video-Apps is not only demanding but “also very enjoyable.” That’s exactly what we wanted: In the end, the participants would not only learn a lot, but also have great fun.

We leave you with this REWIND – a summary of what happened in the course of these four exciting and co-learning days. Enjoy!