Social Media Summit - Providing Avenues for Empowerment

Social Media Summit - Providing Avenues for Empowerment
Social Media for Empowerment Awards 2016FNF South Asia

Promoting the usage of digital media is a new focal point of the project work of the Regional Office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF). Social media plays an increasingly important role in our private lives and as a tool of political communication and social empowerment.

In an effort to honor the most innovative – and thus relevant – social media initiatives in South Asia, the Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) has launched the Social Media for Empowerment Awards. For the first time, FNF supported this initiative which culminated in the awards ceremony in New Delhi on March 15, 2016.

“Never in human history has communication changed as dramatically as today”, said FNF Regional Director Dr. Ronald Meinardus addressing the finalists and the many well- wishers. Earlier, the Foundation’s representative had joined a select group of eminent experts of the Grand Jury to select the 19 winners from the more than 200 nominees. Digital initiatives from different areas such as citizen journalism, crowd funding, social commerce, public relations and women empowerment joined the contest. The summit was a rare chance for the exchange of best practices and networking.

In addition, experts and social media practitioners discussed the topic of “Individual Rights and Social Media”. FNF’s Regional Project Manager Ruben Dieckhoff joined the panel debate which was introduced as a curtain-raiser to a major conference on that topic FNF and DEF are planning for the second half of the year.

While much talk centered on the technology of the new media and the inherent chances and challenges, the political message was not left aside. Said FNF’s Regional Director Dr. Meinardus: “Social Media has the potential to counter inequalities. It works as a social leveler – and provides avenues for empowerment.”

The highlights from the event can be watched here