Online Business Dialogue: A unique initiative of FNF South Asia to RESTART Economies in Asia
Restart asian economies

The adverse economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is being seriously felt across the globe. Economies are on a free fall with a precipitous decline in employment, income, and consumer demand. Regional as well as global trade (import and export) has dropped sharply. Government expenditure has increased considerably primarily to meet immediate needs of households and to save businesses from collapsing. With a decline in tax revenue generation, deficit spending by the government to assist consumers and businesses will diminish inevitably. In these difficult situations, entrepreneurs will have to find ingenious ways to survive as well as to open windows of opportunities to sustain and grow.                                             

Concurrently, external factors such as the effects on the supply chain, consumers shift in demand and changes in government regulations will have to be taken into consideration by an entrepreneur. The challenges and opportunities businesses are encountering in today’s situation will differ across the sectors and subsectors, and by their size of operation. Understanding and appreciating how different types of businesses are functioning across countries can lead to useful conclusions and prescriptions on what are essential ingredients for businesses to remain functional and contribute to the economy in this changing environment.

In order to RESTART the economic activity in Asia, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation will organize a series of Online Business Dialogues called RESTART ASIAN ECONOMIES: Ideas and Actions, addressing different sectors from the Industry. As a provider of fresh viewpoints, FNF has always been at the forefront in providing liberal solutions to the burning issue of the day.


The aim of this initiative is to establish a cross-regional business dialogue thereby encouraging businesses to exchange ideas and to harness enabling economic relations. At the same time to deliver concrete advice to entrepreneurs.

The Foundation will invite one representative each, from the business community from South Asia and South East-East Asia respectively

The tentatively identified topics and the dates are:

   Name of Webinar                                                              Date

  1. Food and Agriculture                                                   29 June 2020
  2. Construction                                                                 20 July 2020
  3. Pharmaceuticals                                                          10 August 2020
  4. Hotel Industry                                                               21 September 2020
  5. Textiles                                                                         tbd