Promoting Liberty Digitally

promoting liberty digitally
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“Promoting Liberty Digitally” is a three days hands-on workshop which aims at attracting owners, initiators and creators of projects that promote liberty in the digital space. The aim is to discuss in a strategic manner ways and means to optimize these efforts. While the main focus would be on initiatives that utilize the Internet more or less exclusively, we also invite applications from organizations with a conventional approach now in the process of transforming their communication strategy with a stronger digital focus.

The following objectives will lead us through the workshop: 

  1. Present your project aimed at promoting liberty digitally to like-minded individuals and organizations.
  2. Learn how others promote liberty digitally - and be inspired.
  3. Explore possibilities of cooperation in the various fields of digital communication (and beyond) and network.
  4. Share best practices and find out which strategies work and which do not – and why that is so.
  5. Get advice from experienced mentors regarding strategic, technical, editorial and marketing aspects of your digital project.

At the event, participants will have the chance to present their digital project to a group of like-minded experts and practitioners who rarely convene in such a setting. You will present, discuss, assess, give and take feedback – all this with the objective that in the end you will have understood what works best for your liberal initiative in the digital market place.

Interested to apply? Then you’ll have to do some homework.

First, submit a project description in which you tell us about your digital project and how it promotes liberty. We’d expect you to add a link so that we may have a closer look. Second, we want you to write a motivation letter in which you share with us your learning needs and why you think we should invite you.

We will study the applications with utmost care and hope that in the end you’ll be among those we invite to join us in Colombo from October 15 through 17, 2016.

The deadline for submission of applications is September 10, 2016. Kindly send this to Mrs. Nupur Hasija at

To spread the word about this workshop on social media, please use #DigitalLiberty

List of Invited Participants