Our office in Islamabad has been working for a peaceful and progressive Pakistan since 1986. FNF Pakistan consists of a small, but dedicated team of liberals who work with Pakistani partner organizations on a long-term strategy.

A liberal democracy with human and civic rights, rule of law, good governance and a free market economy will not be achieved by next year. But it will never be achieved when we do not work for it. Therefore, we have broken down our long-term goals into realistic steps, consisting of annual objectives pursued with our partners in the spirit of cooperation. FNF Pakistan focuses on:

  •  strengthening civil society
  •  establishing human and civic rights
  •  managing conflicts peacefully
  •  facilitating a liberal democracy with democratic parties
  •  enabling equal citizenship and a life of dignity

We pursue our objectives through education, dialogue and consultation. Education: FNF trains partners to conduct seminars, workshops and other educational activities. Dialogue: FNF facilitates dialogues and mediation in politics, society and between individuals and groups applying modern participatory methodologies. Consultation: FNF consults its partners on strategic and operational issues.