Hiring of Consultant for Development of External Communications Strategy of FNF Pakistan


The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) was established in Germany in 1958 and work in over 50 countries worldwide (Pakistan office established in 1986 FNF promotes the principle of freedom for all, in all areas of life. In Germany, headquartered in Potsdam (near Berlin), the Foundation aims to provide a platform for political debate and promote the values of individual freedom and responsibility in society. Our main focus is to inspire and empower citizens to take part in the democratic processes.

A liberal democracy with human and civil rights, rule of law, good governance and a social market economy is a long-term project. Therefore, we have broken down our long-term goals into realistic steps, consisting of annual objectives pursued with our partners in the spirit of cooperation. FNF focuses on:

  • Social Market Economy
  • Open Society
  • Education
  • International Politics

We pursue our objectives through education, dialogue and consultation. The Foundation’s activities in the field of civic education consist of seminars, conferences, publications and digital formats aimed at promoting liberal values and principles.

The Foundation's work is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, the German Foreign Office and, increasingly, by the European Union and other multilateral development aid policy bodies.

Objective of the Consultancy

FNF Pakistan aims to develop an external communications strategy with the help of a consultant. The objective is to find a way to communicate the values of FNF in a culturally acceptable way in a politically and culturally sensitive environment, simultaneously highlighting our core messages in an attractive and unique way to our target groups in Pakistan.

FNF Pakistan works on thematic areas that are stipulated by the FNF Headquarters. However, FNF Pakistan is registered with the Government of Pakistan and submits an annual plan of action in the start of the year detailing the number and nature of activities falling under selected thematic areas, which have been chosen and approved of by the government of Pakistan under its new Policy for regulation of International Non-governmental Organizations (INGOs) in Pakistan. There is a need to develop a synergy between these two sets of thematic areas in a simple yet impactful language.


Consultant selected for this assignment will perform the following tasks:

  • Mapping of communication topics/ thematic areas that are common for both FNF core work areas and Government of Pakistan approved areas.
  • In consultation with FNF conduct the analysis of our most aware users/alumni network/partner organizations and gather insights based on their perceptions about FNF Pakistan’s work/thematic areas.
  • Mapping and analysis of communications approaches done by other comparable organizations in Pakistan and South Asia.
  • Analysis of potential target audiences and how to reach them;
  • Produce Key messages and conversations for each target audience
  • Share these results in a participatory training with FNF Pakistan team and gather insights and buy in from the team on FNF communications objectives and deliverables.
  • Produce a three year External Communication Strategy to deliver the objectives with clear deliverables, milestones, media to be used and responsibilities


The consultant will ensure the following deliverables

  1. Timelines after Inception Meeting
  2. Desk Review Report
  3. Primary Data: Tool, Results of Pre Testing, Final Insights
  4. Two Day Strategy Development Workshop for FNF Team (12 people)
  5. External Communication Strategy Report

Timing and Location

The consultancy will entail up to 90 days commencing from the date of signing of the contract or from 1st May to 31st July 2020.

Logistical Support

All travel and accommodation arrangement will have to be managed and expenses borne by the consultant and incorporated in the financial proposal.

FNF will provide travel/ accommodation for the strategy workshop for which dates will be decided with mutual understanding.

Eligibility/Qualification of Consultants

The consultant should have an organization registered with SECP with active NTN.

Copyright and Intellectual Property Rights

All copyrights of the resulting reports will reside with FNF. The consultant will not use, reproduce or otherwise disseminate or authorize others to use, reproduce or disseminate such work or material.

Payment Schedule

Payments will be made in two instalments:

  • 50% on submission of Deliverables 1,2 and 3
  • 50% on successful completion of the deliverables 4 and 5


Interested organizations/firms can send their expression of interest along with technical and financial proposal through email at muhammad.anwar@fnst.org by 17th April 2020.