Educating with Cartoons - Nigar Nazar Promotes Freedom with a Smile

Educating with Cartoons - Nigar Nazar Promotes Freedom with a Smile
Gogi - A famous cartoon character from Gogi Studios, PakistanFNF South Asia

Nigar Nazar, famously known as the first professional female cartoonist of the Muslim world, is the Chief Executive of Gogi Studios in Pakistan. She has authored several children's and young adult's books and comics. “Destruction by Corruption” is the title of her most recent publication. Highlights of her work include the famous character Gogi, created to promote education and social advocacy programs.

An internationally known artist, she has published numerous acclaimed comics, most notably, those devoted to the character Gogi with whom she draws attention to the social problems of Pakistan - and shows alternatives. Her comics are an important tool of education, especially for the illiterate.

Mrs. Nazar has been a partner of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) – Pakistan and has worked with the Foundation on topics such as democracy, freedom of information and tolerance. In 2011, FNF cooperated with her on one of its most important projects – The Gogi Bus Project when buses were wrapped with Gogi cartoons in order to raise awareness on “Freedom of Information”. To honor her work, FNF has curated an exhibition at its head office in Potsdam devoted to her work on the subjects of corruption, tolerance and environmental protection. “It’s amazing how much impact a seemingly non-traditional medium of awareness raising such as comics can create”, says FNF Representative to Pakistan, Dr. Almut Besold. “Our Foundation is proud to be associated with her and we will continue to do so.”

At the recent exhibition in Germany, Nigar Nazar drew comics on the spot and shared fascinating insight into the comic book world of Pakistan. Speaking to the public and the media ( Mrs. Nazar said: “Satire is like holding a mirror to society. The messages become effective when you amuse and entertain audiences at the same time. Only then it becomes a powerful medium.”