Call for Applications

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The Regional Office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) is looking for an experienced moderator (or moderating team) to design and conduct a five-days training workshop on moderation skills for participants from South Asia in early December 2018.  The target audience of this moderation training would be staff members of our Foundation and senior members of partner organizations. The workshop aims at teaching the participants how to conceptualize, design, organize, implement, moderate and evaluate educative activities. 

We expect the moderator(s) to present a concept note plus a detailed, step-by-step curriculum in which the various modules to achieve the following learning objectives are outlined:

  • The participants learn to develop a concept of an educative activity defining the target audience, the objectives and the program.
  • The participants are familiar with the basic rules of communication and how they apply for the conceptualization and implementation of educative activities.
  • The participants know the important methodologies of adult education and how to apply these to achieve the learning objectives.
  • The participants know modern and innovative methodologies and techniques that stimulate participation and engagement.
  • The participants design educative activities from scratch and practice these in role plays.

The workshop program should be designed following innovative methodologies.

In the end, the moderator(s) is tasked to evaluate the participants.

Please apply no later than November 1, 2018 to with a cover letter highlighting your qualification. Please attach a draft of the concept for the planned activity, along with your resume, possible links to previous work and expected honorarium. 

Short-listed applicants will be asked to present a full detailed curriculum.