Call for Application for Visiting Program

The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) invites applications to participate in a one week visiting program on “Smart Cities - How a modern industrial society organizes infrastructure and mobility in the wake of Digital Transformation” in Germany from 21-28th April 2018. The visiting program is targeted towards mid and senior level practitioners, researchers, planners and academics in the field of intelligent transportation and planning from India.


Globally, smart cities are viewed as a solution for urban spaces to cope with key societal challenges like energy transition, mobility and social innovation through effective use of big data and IT. This calls for new modes of ‘smart’ planning, design and governance, with the active involvement of a wide diversity of public, private and citizens’ organizations.

The idea of ‘smart cities’ cannot be realized without inter-disciplinary inputs and collective solutions. Towards this, the program in Germany will discuss opportunities and benefits of smart cities, but also critically look at the challenges that may arise.

 Main Objective:

To familiarize participants with German practices and experiences of implementing sustainable solutions to various urban challenges with a specific focus on mobility and mobility infrastructure.

Other Objectives:

  • Participants have interacted with (liberal) politicians, municipal corporations, urban planners and technology providers to understand policies, processes, and structures of governance that improve sustainable urban planning.
  • Participants understand the importance of community/democratic involvement in planning processes.
  • Participants know the increasing role played by digital tools to promote civic participation in Governance at the city level.
  • Participants understand the concept of Transport Oriented Design (TOD) and how it is implemented in German cities.
  • Participants have learnt about innovative ideas to plan for mobility and transport of the future e.g. regulatory/ technology sandboxes or any other innovative regulatory approaches.
  • Participants understand how German cities try to use ubiquitous computing (Internet of Things) to develop state of the art central traffic systems.

If you are interested, please send us your CV along with a one page document highlighting your suitability for this program to by March 13th 2018.