Building Constitutional Culture Playfully

Foundation Sponsors First of its Kind Quiz on Politics and History
Conquest 2016

The survival of any democracy rests on the constitutional guarantees provided to the citizens. India has the longest written constitution in the world. Understanding the origins and the debates leading to the adoption of the nation’s basic law is a bedrock for the advancement of the rights of the people.

The Regional Office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) supports the  ‘Constitutional and Civic Citizenship’ project of the Centre for Law and Policy Research (CLPR). Under this banner, our partners organized India’s first ever quiz on the Constitution, politics and history . The highly educative contest consisted of four regional rounds and culminated in a  grand national final in New Delhi. Undergraduate and postgraduate university students from across the country participated in this one of its kind exercise of democratic civic education.

To use a quiz as a medium for engagement with students on constitutional matters is an innovative approach: “In these times of media overkill, teaching and learning in a playful manner is an effective methodology”, said FNF’s Regional Director Dr. Ronald Meinardus who joined the finals and congratulated the happy winners.

The quiz comprised questions  from multiple disciplines including politics, history, law and international affairs. Also students with a non-legal background  joined and proved competitive in the effort to demystify the labyrinth of India’s Constitution and political history.  After a fierce and suspenseful intellectual battle, Jaydev CS and Abhishek Choudhary from the National Law School of India University won the first prize.

To promote a constitutional culture amongst young Indians,  FNF along with  CLPR continues to explore creative ideas for engagement.