In Bangladesh, we facilitate civic awareness to promote liberal values on market economy, the Right to Information Act and the chances and challenges of digital transformation. We pursue these issues in partnership with policy-makers, business bodies, think-tanks, journalists, citizens and other members of the civil society. FNF is registered under the Bangladesh NGO Affairs Bureau, and has been working here since 2012.

Individual freedom and social responsibility are core liberal values. In Bangladesh, we promote private entrepreneurship because we believe in the importance of free markets to foster development. Our programs aim at strengthening public private partnerships; we assist our partners to develop modern economic and social policies that strengthen the right of the individual. Transparency and accountability are liberal and democratic principles. Therefore, we support activities aimed at strengthening the Right to Information Act to empower the citizens and the communities. Programs dealing with chances and challenges of digital transformation and economic empowerment belong to a focal issue that is gaining importance in our educative efforts.

FNF Bangladesh supports civic education through seminars, conferences, research and publications. We believe that local actors are instrumental in defining liberal values and catalysts of change.