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A look at our Regional Calendar for 2019
painting freedom competition 2018 south asia

For the third year in a row, the Regional Office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) proudly presents the annual calendar. This year, the register which comes in the shape of a practical desk calendar comprises the twelve best paintings of the successful #PaintingFreedom competition. We requested artists throughout South Asia to submit their artwork inviting them to paint ‘freedom’ from their own perspective. In the end, the twelve best works, or those we found the best, found their way into the 2019 calendar.

One of the winning artists is Shaziya Nayab Shakeel Ahmed from Maharashtra, India. For her, freedom is a state of mind, as per the title of her work. She says, “one can be behind bars” yet still have the capability to set oneself free and live the freedom experience.

Shamilah Azmat Navira is from Bangladesh. Her painting titled “Freedom is Ever-Changing” relates freedom to the history of her country: “In my painting, I try to express the fights our nation has fought and the ones we are still fighting in a compact timeline.” Ms. Navira describes her country as a “rapidly developing nation” that is “proudly autonomous” since independence. However, she also tells us that the current state of freedom in Bangladesh leaves much to be desired for and mentions the situation of the media, the situation of women – and the deficits of the democratic order. Ms. Navira hopes her painting will “initiate conversations and achieve a more wholesome freedom.”

Communicating Through Visual Art

“The objective is to spread the freedom message in yet another variant: not in text and photography as in the past years but through visual art” explains Regional Director Dr. Ronald Meinardus. Given that artists are among the most creative and innovative people, he sees great merit in giving them space to express themselves.

Vineeti Singh is the Communications Officer at the Regional Office and the #PaintingFreedom initiative is her brainchild. She describes the project as “experimental and innovative at its core” as it utilizes new formats to engage with different audiences.

Importantly, all the communication with the artists and the ensuing outreach was done exclusively on the social media platform Instagram which is rapidly gaining popularity in South Asia also. Instagram, Ms Vineeti says, is the place for aesthetic, colorful content, which is consistent with this initiative’s objective: to visualize freedom.

Our feature calendar is gaining popularity not only in South Asia – but also worldwide!

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Gallery of Winning Paintings - #PaintingFreedom