The Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) started her work in South Asia back in the seventies of last century with a country office in Colombo.  Ever since, the Foundation’s work has strived to contribute to the island’s socio economic and political development.

In close cooperation with our Sri Lankan partners, the Foundation has engaged in programs aimed at promoting and strengthening Good Governance, the Rule of Law and economic freedom.  We engage in training activities and capacity building for future leaders who are committed to liberal and democratic values. Throughout, the Foundation has partnered with civil society organizations, universities, think tanks, chambers of commerce and the business community as well as journalists, policy makers and other like-minded individuals and organizations.

Currently, the Foundation’s work in Sri Lanka aims at promoting:

  • Good Governance through projects on constitutional reforms, the Right to Information and the advancement of liberal democracy in general
  • Social Market Economy through projects on economic freedom and liberalization
  • An open and vibrant civil society that embraces the opportunities of digital transformation
  • Human rights, reconciliation and the strengthening of individual freedom