Rural Karachi Facing an Existential Threat

Karachi came into prominence after its capture by the British in 1843. However, it had existed for several centuries before as a small fishing village in the territories of the Khan of Kalat1 which became part of the Talpurs2 domain towards the second half of the eighteenth century. Later, the Talpur rulers decided to establish a seaport at Karachi and thus for the first time in history, Sindh had a sea port rather than just having a river port. Before the British took over, for a long period Karachi had been a conglomeration of neighborhoods - villages or Goths - that included not only the ancient villages of Jokhios, Memons and Mir Bahars3. Sindhi and Blauch speaking communities that still inhabit most of the goths in Karachi had also historically been the dominant ethnicities settled in this region.