Our office in Bangladesh works in three areas:

  • high level policy dialogue to mitigate business constraints towards promotion of trade and commerce;
  • bring greater understanding and awareness of the Right to Information amongst various stakeholders;
  • identify local level civic problems and work with local officials to address them.

Bangladesh has enjoyed an impressive economic growth in the past decade with its GDP consistently growing at 5% to 6% annually. Compared to 2 out of 5 people living below the poverty line a decade ago, currently 1 out of 5 are extremely poor. It is believed that pro-business policy had a large contribution in generating employment, income and poverty reduction. The success of its readymade garment sector’s export too is attributed to strong public-private partnership in policy development and implementation. Removal of business constraints thereby creating a more conducive business climate can enhance Bangladesh’s economic growth and prosperity. Local and national level regulatory and policy reforms are a continuous process which can be better achieved through increased civic and business participation. A better understanding and appreciation of the Right to Information will enable the citizenry to be more involved to make the public officials both to bring policy changes and to implement existing rules and regulations.