The Renaissance of German Liberalism

Historically, political liberalism and the political forces struggling to promote freedom in their societies have seen ups and downs. Germany’s more recent history is a case in point. The liberal...

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Schattenjahre The Renaissance of German Liberalism

The Liberal Hope in Germany

(Berlin/New Delhi) Two weeks after the voting, it’s too early for a definite appraisal of Germany’s general elections. In a democracy, determining the composition of the government is the most...

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Why Asia is the Champion of Globalization

China’s growing influence in South Asia manifests itself in hotels all over the region. No matter where one travels or stays, the visitor is surrounded by Chinese businessmen and women – be it in...

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Haikou Port

Triple talaq: Goodbye and good riddance

As usual, India′s Prime Minister Narendra Modi made his opinion known on Twitter: the Supreme Court's decision was "historic", granting equality to Muslim women and sending a powerful message for...

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Supreme Court of India

No traction

In the international statistics documenting terror attacks inspired or orchestrated by the IS terror militia, India is nowhere to be found. And this despite the fact that owing to its demography and...

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Prayers at a mosque in India

Divorce by email

India's Supreme Court is currently considering the Muslim practice of instant divorce. The family law allows Muslim men to end their marriages by simply repeating the word "talaq" (Arabic for divorce...

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muslim women in delhi

India: The Perils of Digital Transformation

For India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 2017 began with a disappointment: Both the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank corrected their economic outlook for India – in one case from...

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Jobloss due to automation in India

India’s Noxious Cow Politics

In early April, a mob lynched 55-year-old dairy farmer Pehlu Khan in the western Indian state of Rajasthan. A video of the crime went viral and fanned an emotional political debate. The killing of Mr...

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India’s Noxious Cow Politics

Elections in India

For a foreigner, writing about Indian politics is challenging. In case the readers are foreigners like me, there’s very much explaining to do. If the audience is Indian, there’s a chance they tell...

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Ronald Meinardus on elections in Uttar Pradesh

How India Copes with Demonetization

The assessments could hardly be more divergent. One side says India’s currency reform is a stroke of genius. It is a surgical strike by Narendra Modi which dries out the morass of the black economy...

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demonetization in india